What is “Exploring Your Roots” all about? It’s a collection of articles and ideas that digs deeper than just identifying the ancestors in your family tree. By delving into the roots of our family history, we can learn a lot about ourselves and how the lives of our ancestors are intertwined with our lives today. Subject matter includes genealogy research, ancestry stories, the art of family trees, common family symbols and traditions, epigenetics, and the humorous side of heredity.

About Karen

Karen Lawrence is a writer and marketing consultant who specializes in harnessing the power of storytelling, both for business and personal development.  She has written on a number of self-improvement topics, but her own family history research journey has stirred a passionate interest in the many ways that exploring our ancestry stories and family patterns can enhance self-awareness and personal growth.  Her articles and photographs have appeared in regional and national magazines such as Spirituality and Health and The Herb Quarterly. Her memoir, What My Heart Saw: Untangling Memory and How the Brain Heals merges her personal story of recovery from developmental trauma with current trends in neuroscience and self-help techniques.